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How to Migrate to Alberta in 2024

How to Migrate to Alberta in 2024

How to Migrate to Alberta in 2024

Alberta is one of the provinces in Canada. Like every other province of Canada, Alberta also has its immigration program, which is the Alberta Immigration Program. This program provides an opportunity for skilled professionals to explore better opportunities. Immigrants applying through this immigration can have a chance of receiving the nomination for the Permanent Residency. 

This article will give you comprehensive information about the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program, including its benefits and all related details. But before going further,  let us give you an overview of the AINP Program 2024.

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program – An Overview 

The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program is an Immigration Program that provides authority to the Province’s Government to select immigrants as per their economic and local needs or requirements. 

Immigration Streams Under the AINP Program 2024 

It is considered one of the easiest immigration programs in Canada. There are mainly three main immigration streams under the AINP Program 2024.

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream 
  • Self-employed Farmer Stream 
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream 

Eligibility Criteria of Alberta Immigration Nominee Program

The following are the eligibility criteria for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. 

  • Must have an Express Entry Profile 

Under this, the candidate must have an active and valid express entry profile.

  • Occupation in-Demand

If you are a skilled worker and want to immigrate to Canada through this Immigration Program to explore better career opportunities, your occupation(NOC Code) should be in demand in Alberta’s local Market. 

  • Language Proficiency 

If you want to settle down in Canada, you should have language proficiency and the ability to demonstrate language proficiency by taking the IELTS test. Under this, you must score at least six band scores in each category of IELTS.

  • Age 

Your age should be between 18 and 49 if you want to receive the invitation to apply. 

  • Points Requirement 

You are required to score at least 67/100 points. These points are allotted to candidates based on age, educational qualifications, work experience,  language proficiency, and other factors. 

  • Minimum Alberta PNP CRS Score

Under this, you must score at least 300/1200 CRS Score to become an eligible candidate for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. 

Documents requirement for Alberta Immigration Nominee Program 

The following is the checklist of documents required for AINP. 

  • A Valid Passport 

If you want to apply for the AINP Program, you must have a valid passport.

  • Address Proof 

Under this, you must provide your current address proof to the immigration authorities. 

  • Police Clearance Certificate 

Under this, you must provide a Police Clearance Certificate to the immigration authority, ensuring that you have a clean criminal background and are free to leave your country. 

  • Language Test

You must take the IELTS language proficiency test to demonstrate your language proficiency under this requirement.

  • Proof of Funds 

Under this, you must provide proof of funds to the immigration authorities, to ensure they have enough funds or you are financially independent to manage your expenses during your stay in the country. 

  • Educational Credentials 

Under this, you must submit documents related to your educational qualifications. 

Steps to apply for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program 

The following are the steps to apply for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. 

  • Check your Eligibility 

The first step to applying for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program, you have to check your eligibility for the program. 

  • Create an Express Entry Profile 

Under this step, you must create an express entry profile by providing accurate and truthful information to the authority. 

  • Submit an Expression of Interest 

Under this step, you have to submit an expression of Interest to the immigration authority of Alberta. 

  • Receive the Notification of Interest 

If your application meets Alberta Immigration Authorities’ requirements, you will receive a Notification of Interest, providing detailed application instructions.

  • Submit the Nomination Application and all the necessary Documents 

Under this, you must submit the nomination application and copies of all the necessary documents, including educational certificates, proof of funds, police clearance certificates, marriage certificates (if applicable), Impact Assessment on the Labor Market (LMIA), Assessment of Educational Credentials (ECA), Letter of reference from an employee(if needed), Letter of employment with Statement of Earnings, and others. 

  • Wait for Confirmation 

Under this step, you have to wait for confirmation from the authorities. In this step, the immigration authorities will assess your application, including the information and documents you have provided to the authorities. 

  • Receive the Nomination Certificate 

In case your profile gets selected, you will receive the nomination certificate from the Province’s Government, this certificate ensures that you have been nominated for the Permanent Residency by the province’s authority. 

  • Apply for Visa 

After receiving the Nomination certificate, you can apply for the PR Visa and fly to Alberta.


In this article, we have provided details related to the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program 2024 is a Canadian immigration program offering three streams: Alberta Opportunity Stream, Self-employed Farmer Stream, and Alberta Express Entry Stream, its eligibility criteria include language proficiency, demand in Alberta’s market, and a minimum Alberta PNP CRS Score. 

To apply for the Alberta nominee program, Applicants must check eligibility, create an express entry profile, submit an expression of interest, submit the nomination application, and apply for a PR visa. 

Province Immigration

Province Immigration

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