IRCC has some specific criterias for a PNP candidate, read more to know the main eligibility criteria!

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The provincial Nominee program is a popular route for candidates who want to immigrate to a particular province. PNP is a good alternative for candidates who do not qualify for the express entry program and are in a need for more CRS points. It allows the provinces and territories to choose candidates having specific skills in occupations listed in the Canadian Occupation in demand(NOC) List 2023. However, not all candidates who are shortlisted by the provinces become permanent residents in Canada. Here, in this article we are going to point out those factors that IRCC takes into consideration to decide whether the candidate can economically establish in canada or not. 

What are the economic establishment requirements?

The candidate must demonstrate that he has enough means to establish himself in canada, it means that the candidate should be able to support themselves financially without any social assistance. In other words they must have funds and resources to settle and integrate into Canadian society. 

Getting a nomination by the province itself is enough proof of your establishment as PNP has the same eligibility criterias as for permanent residence. Instances where the immigration officer might look for more factors than the PNP nomination. For example candidates current job, work experience, education and language ability. 


While assessing whether a PNP candidate can establish himself in Canada, the IRCC takes in account a range of factors; 


IRCC examines closely the educational qualifications of the applicant that he/she can establish themselves in canada. It is to determine whether the candidate has enough skills and knowledge to find and maintain an employment in Canada. This includes examining candidates educational credentials, work experience and language proficiency. 


Having a job offer from an authorised Canadian employer significantly increases the chance of a PNP candidate’s chances to have a permanent residency in canada. The job must be in demand occupation that matches the candidate’s qualifications and experience. 


The IRCC considers The applicant’s work experience to determine that they have necessary skills and experience to succeed in the Canadian labour market. The work experience must be in demand occupation in the province or territory that has nominated the candidate. 


Age is another crucial factor that IRCC considers and based on which the candidates are awarded points. Younger the candidate, the more will be the chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada. According to IRCC younger candidates have greater ability to blend into the Canadian labour market and integrate into Canadian society. 


It refers to the candidate’s ability to adapt in Canada and integrate into Canadian society. The IRCC considers several factors such as a candidate’s previous work experience in Canada or if a candidate has studied from a Designated Learning institution (DLI) in Canada. It also considers a candidate’s capability to support their family and themselves. 


The minimum income threshold refers to the minimum income requirements for a candidate to be eligible for the PNP program. This ensures that the candidate is able to support himself and his family without relying  on any social assistance. The minimum income threshold is based on the size of the candidate’s family and the province or territory where they plan to settle. 


To prove that the candidate can establish themselves in the nominated province or territory without social assistance, the candidate has to submit related documents such as:

  1. bank statement
  2. tax returns
  3. employment contract and 
  4. other financial documents. 

The IRCC analyses all these documents to assess whether to give out the Invitation to apply (ITA) or not. 


Now, you know that the economy is a crucial factor to immigrate to a provincial Nominee program. The candidate who is chosen for a PNP program demonstrates that they will be able to support themselves and their family financially. There is a wide range of factors that IRCC takes into consideration like age, occupation, work experience, adaptability, job offer etc. that has been mentioned above. This assessment by the IRCC is to determine whether the applicant can support themselves and their family in the province or territory that has shortlisted the candidate in the first place.

What is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) ?

It is an immigration program in Canada that allows the Canadian provinces or territories to select and invite the candidates who are eligible and can support and establish themselves in the province.The province chooses profiles from the express entry pool which suits the labour market of the province. The selection by a province makes sure that you get an ITA as you will be awarded an additional 600 CRS points. Other factors include age, occupation, work experience, job offer adaptability etc. The occupation must be in demand in the province and must meet the demands of the labour market.

What is the economic establishment requirement?

The economic establishment requirement is one of the most important requirements that is taken into consideration by IRCC to assess whether the candidate has enough funds that he/she can provide financial support to themselves and their family without relying on any kind of social assistance.

What factors does the IRCC consider when assessing a PNP candidate's ability to economically establish themselves in Canada?

There are a number of factors that IRCC has based on which it decides whether or not to approve the nomination and give an ITA. These factors are to ensure that you will be able to economically establish yourself and your family in Canada.

What is the minimum income threshold for PNP candidates?

The minimum income threshold is the minimum amount of income that is necessary to support the candidate and their family members without relying on social assistance.The minimum income threshold is based on the size of the candidate's family and the province or territory where they plan to settle

What kind of financial documentation does a PNP candidate need to provide to prove their ability to economically establish themselves in Canada?

The PNP candidate must provide the financial documentation including bank statements, tax returns, and employment contracts, to prove their ability to economically establish themselves in Canada. These are the documents which are required to check whether a candidate can meet the threshold income and can establish themselves and their family in Canada. In conclusion, the economic establishment and minimum income threshold are the two major criterias that the IRCC takes into consideration while assessing candidates ability to settle or apply for permanent residence visa in canada. The PNP candidate must demonstrate that they have sufficient means to support themselves and their family in that particular province or territory of Canada. The IRCC considers a range of other factors like age, education, occupation, work experience, job offer and adaptability to determine if a candidate can economically establish themselves in canada. To meet this requirement, PNP candidates should provide sufficient financial documentation and seek professional advice if necessary. The financial documents may include your bank statements, tax returns and employment contracts which will prove your availability of funds that will ensure your ability to establish yourself and your family in any province of canada and that you meet minimum income threshold which is based on the size of the family and the province you want to settle in.

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