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Your ultimate guide for Canada immigration, Tips by consultant!

Your ultimate guide for Canada immigration, Tips by consultant!

Your ultimate guide for Canada immigration, Tips by consultant!

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Canada is the dream country for many Indians and most Indians move to Canada in search of better career opportunities and better quality of life. More people are now immigrating to Canada and applying for a permanent residence visa so as to have all the perks provided by the Canadian government to the country’s citizens. When considering immigrating to Canada, you will require professional guidance which will help you in Immigrating to Canada. In this guide we will guide you about how you can start or navigate your immigration procedure with maximising your chances of a successful immigration with the help of an immigration consultant

Understanding the Canadian Immigration System 

The Canadian Government has several criterias for immigrating foreigners to canada. There is a Comprehensive ranking system (CRS), a point system that evaluates the skills of a candidate based on their age, language proficiency, work experience and occupation. There are several immigration programs which categories the candidates based on their eligibility. These programs include:

  1. EXPRESS ENTRY PROGRAM This program is for candidates that score a minimum CRS points, which is based on age, work experience, education and language efficiency. This program has several other programs like Federal skilled worker program (FSWP), federal skilled trades program (FSTP) and Canadian experience class (CEC). This program requires 6 to 8 months to process and the more is your CRS the more will be your chance to receive an ITA. 

  2. PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM This program is for the candidates that do not necessarily qualify for express entry or do not have the required CRS score as getting nominated by a province will give you an additional 600 points to your current CRS. This is for the candidates who specifically want to live and work in a particular province. 

  3. FAMILY SPONSORSHIP This program allows the Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada.

  4. BUSINESS IMMIGRATION This program allows foreign entrepreneurs to start or invest in a business in Canada. 

Each program has its own eligibility, processing time and requirements. An immigration consultant can help you understand and know which program will work best for you based on your current circumstances. 


  1. AGE; You will be provided points based on a standardised point system. You must be at least 18 to apply for a Permanent residence.  
  2. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY;  You must be proficient in English or French. We also provide IELTS coaching for our clients.
  3. EDUCATION; You must have a minimum educational status which is approved by Educational credential assessment (ECA). 
  4. WORK EXPERIENCE; you must have at least one year of full-time skilled work experience. 
  5. ADAPTABILITY;  It states that if a person’s spouse or legal partner is willing to immigrate to Canada together then he/she will be provided 10 points. you must be able to demonstrate that you will be able to adapt in Canada. 
  6. JOB OFFER; you will be awarded with extra points if you already have a job offer from an eligible employer in canada. 


You must be wise enough to select an immigration program that you are eligible for and that will ensure your immigration to Canada. A good immigration consultant will help you find the best program based on your current, unique circumstances. 


You must apply with an application that has your genuine facts and documents. You must be punctual enough to not miss any deadline. An immigration consultant will help you in preparing a presentable and professional profile. 


To maximise your chances of success you must keep certain things in mind; 

  1. Provide all the documents that you are asked for once. NOTE: the documents should be genuine as they will be cross examined by the immigration authority. 
  2. Be organised, you must keep all your important documents handy and easily accessible in case of emergency. 
  3. Be thorough, you must provide all the documents and data to support your application. 
  4. Be patient, The immigration process can exceed its usual limit, but you have to be patient and wait for the response. 


There are some common mistakes that one might make which can be avoided when applying for Canada immigration

  1. Providing incomplete or False documents, Submitting false information or facts is not acceptable. They will know as they will check for the authenticity of the documents. 
  2. Failing to meet eligibility criteria, you won’t be accepted if you are not eligible for the immigration process. 
  3. Failing to provide all necessary documents, if your immigration profile does not include all the necessary documents which are being asked then there is a high chance that your profile will be rejected. 
  4. Submitting an incomplete or poorly prepared application will make your profile look unprofessional and not at all presentable which might be a reason for rejection. 

An immigration consultant will help you avoid all these red flags and will contribute to your successful immigration to Canada


After completing all the application process and submitting your application profile in the express entry pool. The processing time may vary based on the program which you have chosen for your immigration. The immigration consultant can help you understand the processing time and will keep you updated on the status of your application. 


There are a few things that should be taken care of when arriving in Canada. The immigration consultant will list you several important things that you require to settle in Canada and kickstart your new life in Canada. Here is the list of some most important things out of many. 

  1. Get a social insurance number (SIN), this is a 9-digit code to avail you access to government programs and other benefits provided by the government. You must need to have some sort of identity proof like a permanent residence card or a confirmation of permanent residence. 
  2. Find a place to live, when landed in Canada, your first requirement will be a place to take shelter. The immigration consultant will find you a good housing facility based on your location of accommodation. 
  3. Buy health insurance, you must avail health insurance whether funded by the government or you can even buy private insurance. While some agencies also provide healthcare coverage for their employees. 
  4. Open a Bank account, even if you don’t have a job you must definitely walk in a bank for physical identification and ask them to open a new bank account for you. There are banking services for newcomers too. 
  5. Applying for a driver’s license, If you are planning to settle in canada, and travelling in your private vehicle you are ought to have a driver’s license. 
  6. Connecting with your community, getting into a new place can be really challenging for some. Here finding a group of people that will help you adjust to a new country might be a great option for you in the long run. 

A consultant can help you in navigating the above mentioned things and also other things that might concern you. It will provide you with resources and information to settle into a new home. 


Immigrating to Canada is a once in a lifetime experience and can be life changing for you. A professional guidance might make your immigration process a great success and can help you navigate the procedure throughout your immigration journey. If you want to have Your immigration consultant will provide you with more immigration insights. We hope we have provided you with some important immigration insights and information. Remember to choose the right immigration program that suits best your current circumstances and enroll in which you can get a high possibility for approval by the immigration authority. Moreover, it has a great deal to do with your submitted profile. You must carefully prepare a profile to compliment you. In the end, be patient and thorough with the immigration process to make your overseas dream come true and start a new life in your dream country.

Can I apply for Canadian immigration on my own, or do I need a consultant?

While it is possible to apply for your own, an immigration consultant will give you proper guidance and support throughout your immigration process. It will bring important insights into your knowledge that you might miss otherwise. It will make sure you do not miss any timeline and further maximise your chance to immigrate to Canada.

How long does the Canadian immigration process take?

The duration of your immigration process may vary from person to person as it mostly depends upon which immigration program you have chosen for yourself. An express entry program may take around 6 to 8 months and other programs may take a little longer than that.

What kind of work experience is considered "skilled" for Canadian immigration?

Skilled work experience are the jobs that are highly in demand in Canada. These jobs usually require a certain level of education, training, and experience. These occupations include managerial positions, professional occupations and technical jobs. Some of the highest paying jobs are software engineering, registered nurse, web developer and financial managers.

Can I apply for Canadian immigration if I don't speak English or French?

No. language proficiency is a necessity for a candidate to immigrate to Canada whether its English or French. Language proficiency in at least one language is compulsory. One must appear in IELTS or TOEFL examinations and score valid bands.

Can I bring my family with me when I immigrate to Canada?

Yes. Family members are allowed to join you and immigrate to Canada. The family sponsorship program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their family members to immigrate to canada.

Province Immigration

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