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Australia’s Skills Assessment in 2024


Australia’s Skills Assessment in 2024

The Australian Skills Assessment evaluates candidates’ talents. It enables immigration authorities to determine if a candidate’s skills meet Australian standards. This Assessment determines that the candidate is skilled and eligible to work in Australia while contributing to the country’s economy. It analyses candidates’ educational and professional qualifications. 

This article provides detailed information on the Australian Skill Assessment for skilled professionals wishing to immigrate to Australia in 2024. But before going further, let us understand the meaning of Skill Assessment in Australia. 

What is Skill Assessment in Australia? 

The Australian Skills Assessment is a formal process that evaluates an individual’s skills and experience against the Australian government’s job standards. It involves thoroughly reviewing your educational and professional qualifications, ensuring that they align with the requirements of your nominated occupation in Australia. 

Visa Programs and Streams that require Skill Assessment 

The following visa programs and streams skill assessment.

  • General Skilled Migration(GSM) Visa 
  • Employer-Sponsored Visa 
  • Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa 
  • Temporary Graduate Visa(Subclass 485)

Importance of Skill Assessment in Australian Visa 2024

Below are the importance of skill assessment in Australian Visa 2024. 

  • Suitability of Occupation 

Australia publishes a list of in-demand occupations called the Australia Skilled Occupation List. If the candidate receives a positive skill assessment report. In that case, it will ensure the authority that the candidate has relevant educational and professional qualifications and is the right candidate for the Occupation. 

  • Professional level Recognition 

A skill assessment from a recognized assessing authority in Australia ensures that the candidate meets the standards set by the Australian Job Market. This process is designed to be fair and transparent, giving you the confidence that your skills and qualifications will be recognized and valued in Australia. 

  • Visa Eligibility 

The skilled immigration visa program requires candidates to provide a positive skill assessment. This assessment is a crucial document in numerous immigration programs in Australia, as it validates your skills and qualifications, making it a critical step in your immigration journey. 

  • Get a Job offer 

A positive skill assessment helps the candidate to secure a job offer in Australia; it demonstrates that the candidate has skills equivalent to the Job. 

  • Increase Visa Approval Chances 

Providing a positive skill assessment will subsequently increase the chances of visa approval because it will signify that you have the necessary skills and expertise for nominated occupations. 

Documents Requirement for Skills Assessment in Australia 2024

You must submit documents for the skills assessment in English. If documents are not in English, you must also provide copies with English translations. The following documents are required for the Skills Assessment in Australia in 2024. 

  • A Valid Passport 

To obtain a skills assessment, you are required to provide a valid passport. 

  • Passport Size Photograph 

Under this, you need to provide passport-sized photographs. 

  • Application fee Receipt 

Under this, the candidates must provide the application fee receipt to the immigration authorities. 

  • Identity Proof 

Under this, the candidate must provide proof of identity to the immigration authorities. You can give a birth certificate, identity card, and other related documents as proof of identity. 

  • Educational Qualifications 

Under this, the candidate must provide educational credentials to the immigration authorities. You can provide high school, bachelor’s, master’s degree or diploma certificates(if applicable), PhD(if applicable) as educational credentials. 

  • Proof of Employment 

Under this, you must provide proof of employment to the immigration authorities. In this process, you must present the bank statement, offer letter, and pay slips.

  • Resume/CV 

Under this, you must provide an updated Resume/CV to the immigration authorities. The CV/Resume must include details related to your educational qualifications, professional qualifications, and the years of work experience you have in the nominated profession. 

Fee Structure of the Skills Assessments in Australia 2024 

The following table outlines the fee structure for Skills Assessment in Australia 2024.

S. NO.Type of Skills Assessment Fee Amount 
1Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment$475
2Post Australian Study   Skills Assessment$500
3Skills (General category)$500-$1050
4Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)$550
5Application Review$395
6Appeal Application$395

Who can apply for the Skills Assessment in Australia in 2024 

The Australian economy is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, and it is searching for skilled immigrants who can contribute to its growth. Therefore, you can apply for the skills assessment if you are a skilled professional with the required skills for the nominated profession. 

Below is a list of the most in-demand jobs in Australia and their skills assessment eligibility criteria. 

  • Skilled Medical Professionals(Doctors and Nurses) 

It is one of the most in-demand jobs in Australia. A candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria for a skills assessment in this category. 

  1. A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree.
  2. A minimum of five years of work experience in the preferred occupation or field, 
  3. Seven bands scored in all four Categories. 
  • Skilled Engineers and IT Professionals 

It is also an in-demand job in Australia. A candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria for a skills assessment in this category. 

  1. A four-year bachelor’s degree in Engineering 
  2. No prior work experience is required in this category 
  3. Six bands’ IELTS scores in all four categories.
  • Professional Educators 

It is also an in-demand job in Australia. A candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria for a skill assessment in this category. 

  1. Four years of university degree equivalent to Australian educational qualification. It includes three years of degree and one year of PG diploma certifications. 
  2. Work experience can vary based on the type of job. 
  3. Under this, seven IELTS scores are required for reading and writing, and eight bands are necessary for listening and speaking. 

List of top in-demand occupations in Australia in 2024

The following table represents the top in-demand occupations in Australia in 2024. 

1Registered Nurses254412
2Civil Engineers233211
4Early Childhood Teacher241111
5Systems Analysts261112
6Specialist Physician (General Medicine) 253311 
8Engineering Manager133211
10Accountant (General)221111


In this article, we have provided complete details about Australia’s Skills Assessment in 2024. We have also provided a list of occupations and streams that require a skills assessment, the importance of the skill assessment in Australian visa 2024, documents as are necessary for obtaining a skills assessment in 2024, the fee structure of the program, and who can apply for the skills assessment in Australia. 

So, if you want more details about Australia’s Skills Assessment in 2024, you should contact  Province Immigration via [email protected] or +91 98961 96762

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