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A Complete Document Checklist for Canada Tourist Visa​


A Complete Document Checklist for Canada Tourist Visa​

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A Complete Document Checklist for Canada Tourist Visa

The country of Canada is renowned for being the one that welcomes immigrants the best. With a variety of natural beauties, historical landmarks, and varied cultures, it is also a lovely place to travel.

While most immigrants successfully obtain a Canada tourist visa, many applications are turned down because of incomplete paperwork and inadequate or inaccurate supporting evidence.

Read on to learn all you need to know about obtaining a tourist visa for Canada.

Who needs a visitor visa to Canada?

Foreigners who want to travel to Canada for

  1. The aim of tourism and leisure
  2. Gather your loved ones
  3. Business purpose Visit

Each of the groups mentioned earlier needs a visiting visa to enter Canada. This kind of visa is for temporary residents.

Minimum requirements for a Visitor Visa to Canada

The following criteria must be met by an applicant:

  1. Require a passport
  2. Must be in good condition and have no prior convictions
  3. Must be financially stable enough to sustain your stay in Canada
  4. You must present your vacation plans and your airline tickets for the journey.
  5. Must provide evidence of one’s employment, family, and assets.
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    What documentation is needed for a tourist visa to Canada?

    The following 9 items are necessary for obtaining a visit visa to Canada.

    1. Passport 

    A valid passport and other necessary travel documents are required. You must submit two photocopies of your passport’s information page when you apply for a visa to Canada

    Included with the photocopies should be:

    1. The passport’s issuing and expiration dates
    2. Passport Number Personal Information, which consists of a photo, name, birth date, and locality.

    2. Photograph

    When you apply for a Canada tourist visa, you must submit a minimum of two passport-size pictures.

    3. Proof of funds

    You must provide documentation demonstrating your ability to support your family throughout your stay or vacation in Canada. You need to provide the following paperwork as evidence of funds:

    Banking records

    1. A letter from your employer detailing your yearly salary
    2. Financial proof from friends or relatives to pay for your stay-related expenditures.
    3. Income verification for your Canadian host during your visit
    4. Other financial evidence, such as real estate, PPFs, shares, and FDs
    5. Tax returns over the previous three years

    4. Cover Letter

    To convince the Canadian government to grant you a tourist visa, you need to submit a cover letter or statement.

    5. The invitation letter

    You must send a letter of invitation you received from your relatives or friends if you are visiting them.

    6. The visa application form and additional paperwork

    This visa application must be downloaded from the IRCC website. Next, turn in all of the supporting documentation (photocopies of your passport, payment receipts, and so on).

    7. A travel schedule 

    A detailed itinerary of your vacation, including plane travel to and from each destination. Mentioning the locations you’ll be visiting. Additionally, a thorough explanation of the travel routes you’ll take while in Canada.

    8. Articles of association and other papers

    Applicants who are self-employed should provide their Memorandum of Association, which is a crucial business document.

    9. Objects of evidence

    You must persuade the visa officials that you do not intend to remain in Canada. The following papers are necessary:

    1. Employment as evidence of employment Your employment title within the organization, contact information stating that you are a permanent employee, and the anticipated day you will be available for work again.
    2. These documents, which show that you will return to your home nation when your trip is complete, include lease and property dealing proof.

    Process of Obtaining a Tourist Visa for Canada from India

    The patience to complete the following stages is necessary to apply for a Canada visa.

    1. Download the visa application in step one. 
    2. Include all application-supporting papers.
    3. Pay the visa processing cost and the biometrics fee in step three. 
    4. Send your application in. 
    5. Visit an embassy or consulate and provide your biometrics (fingerprints and a picture).
    6. Your choice will be communicated to you after examining your eligibility and background investigation.

    The immigration agency may request further documentation during the evaluation phase.

    What is the Fee Required to Apply for a Canada Tourist Visa?

    For a tourist visa, the fee required is:

    1. Application fee: 100 CAD (6,140 INR approx.)
    2. Biometrics fee: 85 CAD (5,219 INR approx.)
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      Money Required for a Tourist Visa to Canada

      For monthly costs, a resident in Canada requires 1,230 CAD (about INR 75,525 per month), whereas a visitor to Canada on vacation only needs 2,000 CAD (around INR 1,22,805 per person) for 30 days.

      The visa fees are in addition to this sum.

      Processing Period for a Tourist Visa in Canada

      Visa processing typically takes 10 to 15 business days.

      This period of time excludes:

      When the biometric submission application is sent between VAC and the visa office


      If you intend to apply for a tourist visa to Canada, be sure to correctly submit all the necessary paperwork. 

      The required paperwork is:

      1. Passport 
      2. Photograph
      3. Proof of money
      4. Cover letter 
      5. Invitation letter
      6. Visa application and other supporting papers  
      7. Itinerary
      8. Articles of Association and other papers
      9. Objects of evidence

      Feel free to contact us if you are still unclear about the visa application procedure.

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