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British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba nominate candidates in this week’s PNP results

August 29, 2023BY Rohan Kumar ( 0 ) Comment

British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba nominate candidates in this week’s PNP results

This week, applicants for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) have been nominated by three Canadian provinces.

An application for permanent residency is strengthened by provincial nomination. This is due to the fact that a province would only submit economic immigration applicants they believe have the potential to establish themselves financially inside the province by filling labor shortages there. 

These candidates are also seen to be more likely to stay in the province making the nomination; frequently, they currently reside there, have a job offer there, or have relatives who live nearby. 

Candidates for Express Entry who are nominated further benefit from receiving an extra 600 points on the CRS. In the future Express Entry round of invitations to apply for permanent residency, they are thus almost certain to be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA). 

A Glimpse into Provincial Immigration Results

British Columbia’s Draw

During the span of August 19-25, British Columbia demonstrated its commitment to welcoming newcomers by inviting over 225 candidates in four separate draws of the BC PNP. Notably, the largest draw encompassed a diverse pool of 169 candidates from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, and Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled streams. The minimum Skilled Immigration Registrations System (SIRS) scores ranged from 88 to 109, based on the specific category. Furthermore, three additional draws were conducted, targeting Skilled Workers and International Graduates with varying minimum SIRS scores.

  1. 33 Early childhood educators and assistants;
  2. 23 healthcare professionals; and
  3. Less than five other priority occupations

Alberta’s Draw

Alberta also played a pivotal role by releasing the outcomes of its three most recent draws within the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). These draws exclusively nominated candidates who were already part of the Express Entry application pool. On August 15, the province extended invitations to 14 candidates through the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Alberta job offers, necessitating a minimum CRS score of 326. Subsequently, on August 16, a total of 300 Express Entry candidates were nominated via the Priority sector – Tourism and hospitality occupation, requiring a CRS score of 408 and above. The latest draw on August 22 invited 89 candidates in the Priority sector – Construction occupation with a minimum CRS score of 303.

Manitoba’s Draw

In a significant move, Manitoba issued 623 letters of advice on August 24 to candidates enrolled in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). This batch included 178 express-entry candidates. Among these, 256 Skilled Workers in Manitoba were invited, each boasting a minimum score of 612. These candidates were also required to have an occupation falling within specific National Occupational Classification major group codes. 

  1. 73 – General trades
  2. 74 – Mail and message distribution, other transport equipment operators, and related maintenance workers
  3. 75 – Helpers and laborers and other transport drivers, operators, and laborers

Additionally, 250 Skilled Workers with a minimum score of 646 received invitations through a non-occupation-specific draw. The province extended invitations to 63 candidates via the International Education stream and 54 through the Skilled Worker Overseas stream, each necessitating specific minimum scores.

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