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Australia Spouse Visa Program: What You Need to Know

Australia Spouse Visa Program

Australia Spouse Visa Program: What You Need to Know

The Australia Spouse Visa Program is also known as the Partner Immigrant Visa Program. This visa program allows Indian nationals to apply for the spouse visa program and be with their spouse or common-law partner in Australia. This visa program allows the spouse of an Australian PR holder or Australian citizen to live in Australia along with their spouse and get permanent residency in Australia. 

This article details the Australia spouse visa program and all related details. 

Australia Spouse Visa Program – An Overview 

The Australian Spouse Visa Program is a family sponsorship program that allows Indian nationals to have a genuine or committed relationship with Australian permanent residency holders or citizens to apply for permanent residency through this visa program. 

The Spouse Visa Program is a two-step process. The provisional visa application for the spouse/partner visa program is assessed positively in the first process. Under the second process, after two years of filling out the provisional visa application, the de facto partner or spouse can apply for permanent residency. 

Types of Australia Spouse Visa Program 

The following are some of the types of spouse visa programs. 

  • Prospective Marriage Visa Program 

The Prospective Marriage Visa Program is one of the first types of Spouse Visa programs in Australia. It allows entry into Australia to marry a potential spouse. Later, this visa program comes with an option to apply for a partner visa program. 

  • Temporary Visa Program (Visa Subclass 309) 

The Temporary Visa Program is another type of Spouse Visa program in Australia. It allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or permanent residency holder to live in Australia temporarily. 

  • Partner (Migrant) Visa Program 

The Partner(Migrant) Visa Program is another type of spouse visa in Australia. It offers permanent residency to the spouse or de facto partner of Australian PR holders or citizens.

Spouse Visa Program Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria for the Spouse Visa program include the following:

  • Genuine Relationship 

The eligibility criteria require a genuine relationship between you and your spouse, whether in a de facto or legally married couple.

  • Continuous Relationship 

Under this requirement, you and your spouse must have a continuous and authentic relationship. 

  • Intend to Live together 

You and your spouse must intend to live together or plan to do so as

  • Relationship Length 

Under this, if you are in a de facto relationship, you should have lived together for up to 12 months. However, it is not applicable when you are already married. 

  • Sufficient Proof of funds 

Under this, you must show sufficient proof of funds to the immigration authorities. It ensures the authorities that you can financially support yourself and your family members during your stay in Australia. You can provide evidence of income or savings as evidence of funds. 

  • Health and Character Requirements 

Under this, both partners should be able to meet the health and character requirements to complete the Australia migration journey successfully. 

  • Age 

Under this, both partners should be above 18 years. 

Documents Required for the Spouse Visa Initiative 

The following is the list of documents required for the spouse visa initiative. 

  1. Identity Proof and Relationship Proof 

It includes. 

  • Bio Pages of Passport 
  • Certificate of Marriage(If applicable) 
  • Birth Certificate of Child(If applicable) 
  1. Character Verification 

It includes: 

  • Police Clearance Certificate 
  • Form 80: Personal and crucial details of Character Assessment 
  1. Medical Assessment 

It includes: 

  • Medical Assessment reports conducted by the recognised physician panel. 
  1. Proof of Authentic Relationship 

It includes: 

  • Joint Bank Account statement 
  • Documents of Rental Property or Ownership Property 
  • Shared bills of utility or any financial commitments
  • Proof of joint holidays or travel 
  1. Proof of Funds 

It includes: 

  • Bank Statement 
  • Employment contracts 
  • Income tax return details 
  • Business Related Documents 
  1. Sponsor Documents 

It includes: 

  • Proof of Australian Citizenship and Permanent Residency in Australia 
  • Form 40SP for sponsorship for a partner to immigrate to Australia. 
  1. Assurance of Support(AOS) 

It includes: 

  • The Sponsor shall provide an Assurance of Support whenever needed. It demonstrates their ability to pay for the applicant’s initial stay in Australia. 

Processing Time for Australia Spouse Visa Program 

The processing time for an Australian spouse visa varies based on factors like the type of visa, application completeness, and the candidate’s case complexity. As of 2024, processing times range from 7-9 months. We advise applicants to submit complete applications with all required supporting documents to ensure quick processing. Processing times are updated monthly. 

Processing Fee for Spouse Visa Australia 

The processing fee for a spouse visa in Australia may vary based on the type of visa you applied for and your nationality. However, if you are a candidate applying for the Australia Visa Subclass(100 and 390), you must pay AUD 8,850, around 4,87,677 Indian Rupee. 


The Australia Spouse Visa Program, also known as the Partner Immigrant Visa Program, allows Indian nationals to apply for permanent residency in Australia to live with their spouse or common-law partner in Australia. 

The program involves a provisional visa application, which is assessed positively, and after two years, the de facto partner or spouse can apply for permanent residency. Eligibility criteria include genuine relationship, continuous relationship, intention to live together, relationship length, sufficient proof of funds, health and character requirements, and age over 18.

For More Information about the Australia Spouse Visa Program, contact Province Immigration via [email protected] or +91 98961 96762. 

Province Immigration

Province Immigration

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